Josh b'day, Euphoria, Sean's B'day

First Up First UP!!!
Dance my love
a dance production of City Harvest Church will be going on this friday till sunday
friday 8pm
saturday 5.30pm
sunday 10am
it'll be at City Harvest Church Sunway
for directions to get there
alrite continuing this post
Joshua's b'day celebration
as i posted a few post back
well nows the bbq for his b'day celebration last friday
i went there early to fetch Candice and to go to his place
and i found out..
i left his present at home!!
had to drive all da way back from Shah Alam to Subang
petrol guzzling down the car =S
okays so anyways i reached his place about 4++
and helped out wif the preparations till i got bored of it =S
sorry Josh i was tired lol
well so anyways Josh is 18
and the pics will jus describe the rest of the event =)
(sry bout the blurness of some pics..
i hate Sony camera's..
couldnt use my Canon that day)
Candice and I
the bbq pits
one whole pot of Lamb chops =D whee
E jinn and I
Joshua's car
somehow Alloycious ( i donno how spell ur name lol)
took the car for a spin and then came back like this lol!!
the bumper is falling off at the right side =S
Starting the Fire
Josh at work
it was his b'day on that day also

Me and E Jinn

half way during the party..

Candice, I, Sunjay and some other friends went up a hill near Josh place

just go get a good look of the scenary

mosquitoes bit us like nuts lol

the light on the hill

The View
Candice and I
Josh and his present we gave him lol =D
i think he is happy wif it hahaa =)
so anyways after Josh b'day
i went off wif Candice back to subang
supposed to go Euphoria wif friends..
but in the end they all cancelled it
so since Candice also wanted to go
so we went off to Euphoria
its friday nite
so its mostly house music only
wasnt really in the mood for just techno all the way
so we went down to the deq where R&B was playing
had a few drinks and we just chilled at the lounge talking it out

Candice and I

my sayang=)

the last pic of that nite
we headed off to McD's for some food after Euphoria
and headed home soon after that =)
that concludes that night
the last part of this post is
Sean's 18th B'day
man i'm on a b'day spree lol
Held on Saturday
believe me
his father is a damn good cook =D lol
from Prawns to Salmon to Chicken to Salads..
and most importantly
blueberry cheese tarts! lol
must learn from his dad lol =D

The food

Wai Chun with Snowy
Sean's b'day cake wif champagne
and he blows

so that concludes this post

happy b'day sean =)

everyones getting older already hahaha


till da next post