Wine Exhibition

To Start up this post
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was browsing through youtube..
and guess what i've found
pacman is a game that we played since young =D
and i found this video of it hahaha
anyways continuing this post
there was a wine exhibition lately done by DH 26 in Taylors
but mainly were empty bottles of different wines and liquors in the world
and the definitions and stuff
so Mr Alex prompted us to go..
so we went for it
lets continue it with pictures
Sony equipment lol =D
Me and Celine
Class Photo with Mr Alex
Class Photo going for the wine exhibition..
this were the wine bottles in the entrance of it
on the right
on the left
in the centre of the Multi Purpose Hall
me like the leopard skin wan lol
Vodkas + others
Guess the number of items in that box
it consisted of Wine corks, cork screws, marbles and so on
the winner took back that bottle of red wine
sponsored by one of the lecturers
but i dont know who got it la =)
The information boards bout wine
now this is great
as this is the wine tasting part
they mix a few types of alcohols and ales together
and u try and figure out the mixture
so geniuses like me...
*perasan case*
got the right answer
while people like
Merv*n & J*y
had to take multiple attempts on different liquors
guys dont kill me yah =)

the last pic is a bottle of barcardi broken

so the wine exhibition was rather okay la

give it a 2.5 out of 5 for the event

till da next post