Wai Chun's Apartment

first first...

We created a new team..

of dumbasses



which stands for




lol =D the dumbness of guys

continuing this post

went over to Wai Chun's new Studio Apartment

called Casa Tiara..

relatively small as its a studio apartment

he is kinda like my neighbour now cos i have an apartment at E-Tiara

(just next to his apartment)

but guess what?

in 1 or 2 months time..

i'm getting one too!!


his is on the 18th floor while mine will be on the 15th

Me, Wai Chun, Ernest and Shin Yee went over for a swim at nite

about...err...10 ++

and i'll let the pics do the talking
the pool view =D

E-Tiara is the one all lighted up

Ernest and his super tight speedos=D Ernest and Shin Yee
3 naked guys =D
Feet, Ernest, Shin Yee, Me

oh lala~
dam wai chun...dam candid
Ernest Syok Sendiri-ing

anyways we swam until about 1

and went up to the apartment

man u should c what ernest would bring

his bathroom amenities are like kaboomed so many

brought his Shampoo...Conditioner..Facial wash...some Body shop gel...

dont know what else lah

we had our showers and chilled at his apartment
The View from the apartment
the left side
he looks as if he is drunk
no idea whats wif his hair
Shin Yee and Me Ernest Cigs
avolution from indon
kena tangkap basah =)
blackmail u then u know =D
the poser
the emoneess

the living + bedroom
3 of us
his back wuz cracking
i have no idea what wuz he trying to do
and ernest joined in =.=

about 2.30 we left the apartment

sent shin yee back

fuyo...her mom wuz like giving ernest a lecture..


i gave her curfue of 12!!!

if u bring her out again dont be so late..

if not she'll be here at home for a month!! lol =D

but Ernest wuz like okay okay...at least she didnt scold me till i died

after the 3 of us went over to SS 2 Murni

for our "dinner"

at 3 am +

lucky enuf to get a parking right in front of it

and we had carbonara...roti hawaii..loh shi fan..and yee mee..

wuz dam full cos of the big servings

and went back to Asia Cafe for a few rounds of Foos

anyways wait till i get my apartment keys =)

pool party! lol

till da next post