A visit to Tieng Wei's house & her b'day

i've finished watchin Ka Hor Yuet Yuen!
makes me feel so relieved now hahaha
no more addiction to chinese drama =D
continuing this post
its about a drive down to Tieng Wei's house at the Mines
near the Palace of the Golden Horses
i would not elaborate much on the house as i did in my post a damn long time ago
its kinda like a mansion =)
for more views of the house
okays so this trip was more like a relaxation trip
her house is quite isolated and really cozy =)
the day started up with...
man i woke up late again
well as always
everyone knows i'm a pig when i sleep lol
so anyways i made my way there with Sherry and Teck Weng
and reached there about 12.30
we headed up to her room
and begin to talk our old times out hahaa =)
believe me her room is so big and spacious..
and her bed is so cozy..
makes it an ideal vacation place
i wont mind =) lol
her house

the front door
the view from her room
her table centre piece
her room
oh i love her bed =) hahahaa
while we were talking..
we headed off to her closet
its kinda like a walk in closet and did stupid stuff over there
as usual..
the 1st person to find a mirror with the camera is :

Sherry Babe =)

and followed by me hehe

and the last one was Tieng Wei

Teck Weng

as u know he is a bit...err soft? =)

went on to try some of Tieng Wei's skirts =)

kawaii dess

caught in the act
Yours truly : Teck Weng =)
Sherry and Tieng Wei
my darling Tieng Wei
so well her closet is big
so we chilled in there
dont ask me why lol
and camwhored the hell out of there =)

Take one

Take two

one of the biggest smiles that could ever be seen on her face =)
then suddenly...Sherry & Weng had inspiration =)

its zebra and leopard black and white scarf and hairband =)

well its based on a blogger that had no sense of fashion at that time

*no names mentioned*

and she is kinda a xiaxue wannabe

but failed to me

haha =)

so...we have our two models for the day which is

Sherry and Teck Weng =)

no fashion sense
my eyes are gonna burst =)
lol okays
Tieng Wei's mom was sweet enuf to cook us a decent lunch
as our stomachs were growlin pretty bad
didn't eat breakfast so thats the effects =)
after lunch we headed up to Tieng Wei's room again
as it started to rain
so cant really do much things outside
over here there are no board games and stuff..
we played "big two"
and we ended up sleeping some how..
probably the rain and the effects of holidays made us dose off

Shery & Tieng Wei

somehow i was sleeping
and Tieng Wei played around
now i know i need a haircut lol
so damn thick

Tieng Wei's and Sherry's legs

Teck Weng

somehow he likes the bolster

and wont let go of it hahahaa

her bed
alrite cut the crap
this part i'm just like a total stalker
Sherry looks too damn cute when she slept
couldnt resist to kacau her hahaaa the sleepin beauty
a stalkers job is to stalk
believe it or not...
she woke up when i did this hahahaaa =)

the amazing thing is

she actually could pose when she just got up
pure camwhorer
love ya babe!
Tieng Wei & I
we sent Tieng Wei downstairs to get her laptop and stuff
well i know its kinda mean
but as we wanted to surprise her
her b'day passed not long ago
and we didn't get a chance to celebrate it with her
so we got her something cute
Cupcakes =)

the cupcakes
okay dont mind the candles

she' is 19 already

a blogger doing her work

so anyways

she came in and she got the surprise of her life

as she really didn't expect this lol

as its quite belated due to our exams and stuff

i dont know why but we got so many shots of her

which makes it a good transition of photos =)

isn't it funny? =)
happy 19th birthday darlin =)
18 years i've knowned you
and now ur finally older =) hehe
we headed off outside as the rain had stopped
her house is just beside the golf course
so we just took a stroll from the house to the golf course

Tieng Wei's brother

the back of the house

her pond
the golf course
this is just so like the song from Sound of Music
lol believe me when no one is at the golf course we would just play around
and Sherry went over to chase Tieng Wei's brotherdont mind em kids =)
TW & Sherry
somehow Teck Weng was kinda dead
and the stupidest thing i did was:
to roll down the cliff =D lol
we headed back to her house
as it was getting late
and we took our last photos of the day =)

love u guys =)
my back is so bent =S

well this has been such a memorable day

as its been so long since i've met up wif u guys=)

wait till the next time we come again

till da next post



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