Twisted ankle and Zen Mai Sushi

Woke up late again today as usual
its holidays
what would anyone expect but to just sleep and sleep more ? =D
the bad part is..
i twisted my ankle real bad yesterday T.T
due to basketball yesterday
cant sleep that nice also
anyways..headed off to Zen Mai Sushi at Pyramid about 1.30pm
and met up wif Simone
man its been quite some time since i've met her
so anyways
her term this time is less stressful
so..Good for her lol
so we headed off to Zen Mai Sushi
its quite a good place..
and yet the food was good
i'll give it a 3/5 =)
except i just hate da stupid waitress
we asked for non smoking table and yet she gave us a place at the smoking session
no common sense..
dungu! bodoh! baka! stupid! ben tan!
anyways so we ordered
and Hana Ika Tempura(squid Tempura)

Simone and the Unagi Don
Salmon Don
Squid Tempura
the salmon was good
it was fresh =D
the Tempura was alrite la
enough flavor and crunchyness
total bill was RM58
well i find its okay la =)
so after that we went out separate ways
till da next post