Steaks meat and uzhkala

Kitchen Class
either the most stressful day or the most fun day =)
so anyways the days menu was
Crab Cake for appetizer
Grilled Steak
you wouldn't wanna c the dessert as the other class that prepared it..
made the colour look so artificial
so no photos on that lol =)
Chef Kartina today was pretty relaxed compared to the other days
normally she'll be screwing us up and down
maybe the PUASA has taken its toll on her =) hehe
Thank God for Puasa lol =D
i'll let the pics do the rest of the talking

this is so random lol =)
3 pieces of Starloin Steak from Brasil
Brasil =)
the crabcake appetizer
crunchy on outside
mouth watering on the inside =)

the main course

Grilled Steak, Sauteed Veggies, Bun bun =)

I mastered the art of hiding from Lecturers =D

alrite continuing the post

we had Chef Tan for our pastry class also

its rather fun as Chef Tan gives all da lame jokes and stuff haha

and not as pressuring as Chef Kartina...

anyways both of em are Great Chefs..

just different methods of teaching =)

Baby Celine Tidur-ing lol
i got bored in class
and Jess became my victim =)

The right view

The Left View

Centre View

Vicky and I

okays anyways

in Chef Tan's class

we learnt how to do Cream Puff

had to mixed and roll the dough over and over again

to get it into layers

so anyways this are the shapes :

lol the 'big stickman' was jus for fun haha =D
the end product =D

chocolate mousse that the seniors gave to us =D
since its the last class with Chef Tan

we took a group pic =)

lol see our heads in the mirror =)

well this concludes this post

till da next post