Josh & Candice b'days

This post is on 2 people that i sayang a lot =)
1st up is
Joshua Aaron Marks =D
known him since April
and he is a good friend
partly Gay eventhough he has jinn
really sarcastic at times
crazy for pool
wants to learn foos
crack up jokes at the right time
ah this whole list can go on
just wanna wish u
HAPPY 18th b'day bro=)
sry this is a late post
his b'day is 25th =)
you'relegal for...
*ehemz* lol

Joshua Einstein
he camwhores too =D

xD whee
oso went over to Euphoria on Thursday
just to get my membership over there =D
went there wif Shang May, Venis, Steven, Ivan, Ken, Momo, and Ernest
and the best part is
because of some ppl ffk..
we didn't buy any bottles
so actually we didn't drink at all
wow...first experience not drinking hahaaa
but anyway the membership is good
as we get to go in free
and also we can get in for Members party =)
only members hahaaa
and i love the dance floor =D
Big enuf for me..
and it vibrates wheee =D

Dance floor
prepare for dis sat!! =)

DJ Andy Daniels from UK and

Lady Victoria on Sax =)


last but not least

this post is for my babe

Candice Lee

she's been a real great friend and darlin to me=)

always there if i needed to talk

great giver in advice

Perfect english *ehemz*

totally bimbo-er than me =D lol


anyways just wanna wish u a veri

HAPPY 17th b'day babe=)

now ur legal for..err driving lol =)

okay i'm getting dayumm lame now

met her up at pyramid on 26/9

it was kinda last minute

as she didn't even tell me about it haha

so anyways we just had a coffee while waiting for her parents

as usual..i love the caramel macchiato=)

so we went off to starbucks

and camwhored and talked till her parents came =)

My caramel Machiatto and her Chocolate Chip something lol
take 1
take 2
dumb face

that wraps up this post
Happy b'day to you both darlings =)
enjoy it while it last =)

till da next post