happy b'day melody and bye bye lim =)

1st up...


sweet 16 already babe =)
may u have abundant blessings this whole year =)


the 2nd thing in this post is for
who is now in UK to pursue her studies in Law
i'm sorry i was unable to see you off at the airport..
but u know...
you'll always be in my heart no matter how far we are =)
gonna miss u lots babe =)
take care when ur over there yah?
see you in 3 years time =)
come back asap yeah?

and anyways..
last but not least...

this post is also dedicated to Lim

who has just taken off to Moscow, Russia

to become a doctor

6 years bro!!

come back fast yeah..

someone will miss u over here =)
u know who
*wink wink*
Lim is a straight A student
and got a scholarship there for medicine
how cool is that?
anyways i didn't miss ur flight =D
so thats the best part of this post
ur the only one i didn't miss out much =) hehe
we left for the airport for about 5.45pm
and reached there about 6.30
well KLIA is far..
and Ernest car cant go that fast haha
the car ride
reaching the airport
we chilled around the airport as Lim hasn't come yet
checking out the prices
and it wuz ridiculus on the chocolates and perfume
watado its not duty free
and then lim came about 7 ++
and his father treated us all to Mcdonalds
and u know...
Mcdonalds in KLIA
is about the same price as Carl's juniors over here
one Mcvalue set for Mc Chicken is about RM14? ridiculus..
u should c the other burgers and items at McD
its really nice of him cos he actually had a bbq before dis
and paid for everything also..
pics on that event will be up soon =)
we had our
before he left

burgers and fries =D

Han Chong
Our VIP : Lim =D
-acting stupid-
one side of da table
wai chun
Lim and Ia pic we gave him
and the behind =D lol!!
EMO!! hahaha

Lim, his sisters, and Ching
so after McD we went off to take a few last photos before his flight
and for the 1st time

we see him in a suit!!!

Us and Lim
the hugging session
and the whole bunch down there are all Lims friends going to Moscow with him
well some were in tears..
some were acting normal...
Your journey has just begun brother!!
remember to buy us Drinks when u come back!! lol =D

The walk out of the bridge

and the last pic of the day

i'm gonna miss u lots bro

take carez

till da next post