EMERGE 2008 Kuala Lumpur

EMERGE 2008 Kuala Lumpur

a day that all City Harvest Church members have been waiting for

and of course all the others =)

What is emerge?

EMERGE KL 2008 is a Christian Conference

organized by City Harvest Church KL

it was held on 29-31 Aug 2008

there are four main clusters

which are

Local Universitie ( LU )

Various Universities ( VU )

Sunway Monash ( SMU )

Metropolitant, Inti, Nilai, Taylors ( MINT )

i'm part of the mint cluster

it had 81 competitions

and 250++ medals to be won

including cash prizes, gift vouchers for culture couture, rsh and many more

approximately 2000-3000 people came during the conference sessions

in this event..

guest celebrities such as

Danny Wan ( malaysian artist )

Liu Ge Hong ( Taiwan Actor & singer)

the one who acted in Kung Fu Dunk & Initial D

Vivi Tang (Ms Taiwan)

Gao Yi Siu ( Famous Taiwan Celebrity manager )

Brenda Bolang (Indonesia )

(13 years old Mama Mia Singer)

and some some others that i cant remember =X lol


City Harvest Church was founded by Rev. Pastor Kong Hee from Singapore

Link: Rev Pastor Kong Hee

Rev. Pastor Kong Hee

the main City Harvest in Singapore consist of nearly 27000 members

Pastor Kong Hee founded City Harvest Church Singapore at 1989

he is married to Pastor Sun Ho

Sun Ho

is also an international Artist in China

and was the ambassador for the music for the Beijing Olympics

she has performed with

Wyclef Jean,

Diane Warren,

The Underdogs,

David Foster and

Carole Bayer Sager

Sun’s first five English-language releases reached the top of the dance club charts of Billboard Magazine and London-based Music Week,

making her the first Asian artist to score successive No. 1 dance hits

so as for Kuala Lumpur

it is lead by Pastor Kevin Loo =)

with members about 1700 now

Pastor Kevin Loo

alrite anyway to get back to emerge...

it started on friday at about 7pm

the opening act was a mime by one of our members

and headed on with Praise and Worship

the mime

Praise and worship
Alison Yap

she is an amazing song leader & singerPastor Kong Hee with Alison

after Praise and Worship

there were plenty of acts and performances by other people

such as :
Emerge Talentime Finalist for Song Writing

he emerged as the winner for that category

O School dance team
O School
Elbow Stand
some Yoyo thingi

Keith and Natalie

Keith is the Treasurer and the zone supervisor for City Harvest KL

while Natalie is a DJ on fly fm

there was a guest performance by malaysian artist

Danny Wang
Natalie, Danny Wan, and Keith
Guest Performance by Liu Ge hong

(Taiwan Artist & Actor)

(he is also the one who brought Jay Chou to christ and now he is in CHC Taiwan)

Liu Ge Hong and Vivi Tang

well okay to continue with this post...

its mostly about camwhoring pics that happen during the 1st day

on the 1st day was the Parade of Schools (POS)

its something like cheerleading

and i was a part of the Mint Cluster

the preparations and make up:

Sam and Nicole
Amelia, Me, Sam, Haruka
some of us after the make-uping and the hair do
Make up

Boon, Christina and Me
Me and Cindy
Cindy and Christina

alrite..SHOW TIME!!!

there is a vid

but it aint veri clear...

watado...lousy camera..and also he took the screen most of the time

my fault also nvr give instructions properly =X kan chiong

Michael Jackson dance
Uyi solo

the drum beats / stomping

one of the pyramids
elevatorsnicole's toe touch basket toss

Gordon's full twist basket toss

double whip back hand spring back tuck
cheeringtransition to final pyramid

final pyramid

Vu Cluster

LU Cluster

LU Wave

LU Cluster final position
SMU opening

SMU ending

well after that it was the preaching of sermon by Pastor Kong

and soon friday nite session was ended
the rest are pictures of friday nite :

Gordon Tumbling for Joy
Me and Celine
Me and Winnie

Roy and I
Mint POS team
Sam and Sam
Cute baby Eiten

Vu cluster
Me and Nicole
Me and Justin

Markie and I
Amelia and Markie
me and Careen
Celine and her friends
Me and Celine

Yean Li and Celine
Me, Celine, Uyi
the twin towers
Vu and Lu
me and Shirley

they wanted to be car models lol
*taken by mua*
Justin and Me
Amelia and Jill

our guitar part with SMU girls
Nico wanted to try lol
Shoulder Sit and Shoulder stand
Me and Tracy

Regina, Me, Tracy
ME and Celine
Vu Gals are strong =D
the lameness of us lol

Mint Girls are strong too =)
Me, Nico, Markie, Darryl, Justin
+ Lyra
freestyle pose

all of us
Mint =)

Jill and I
Haruka and I
Gordon =)
Gordon, Lyra, and me
If cheer was easy...it'll be called football =)

me and Kelvin

after the whole event

MINT post team went over to Bidara for supper

and guess what?

the guy that made the naan really loved me lol

check it out:
heart shaped naan
some of us
the table



it started with the morning session,

then talentime finals and the night session
anyway this is mostly about the talentime la =)
so this are some of the pics and vids:

Song Writing Winner

Shawn Lee

Freestyle Winner

Markie & Sam

Dance Category

err some band performance lol
the band : ambrosia
the stage

anyways thats all for da talentime

and soon came the night session

was a great sermon by Pastor Kong

and we had a dance performance

by all the finalist of the dance category
The dance Performance
Taxi =)
the dance

well that concludes day 2

Day 3


its merdeka!! lol

had a morning session,

electives in the afternoon

and the night closing ceremony =)

so ppl like me came super early

to dress up and make up for the night session

Me and Winnie
another pose
Amelia lol
Ready to cheer

Gaya Aje =)

anyways the hall was opened at 6 pm

and everyone rushed in =)

but for ppl in the POS teams, we have seats reserved for us

so we didn't need to worry

it started out with a performance by O School again

O School
performance by ambrosia
the crowd
Performance by Liu Ge Hong

Testimony by Gao Yi Siu

and here comes the time

they announce the winner =D


so we had to perform again =)

Fridays food vouchers!! whee =D

the best part is we won 2 years in a row

and we have the rights to brag about it =D lol

i feel so stuck up =X hahaha

who cares =)

and the best part is:


with 31 Gold medals 17 silver and nearly 30 bronze medals =D

Nico and the trophy!
Nicole Celebrating
my way of taking pictures lol

well anyway

we also celebrated boon's birthday that nite

come on wei!

winning the overall cluster

and also a surprise birthday

made boon happy like crazy =)
careen and the cake

boon blowing it
the way a cheerleader blows the candles lol
and he tries again

well the rest are mostly camwhore pics

cos if i'm not mistaken

its the last year for quite a number of us in POS
Amelia and Me

Tasting the Gold =D
Group photos
taste the gold baby!
number 1
M for Mint

Smu and I
kissing our trophy
lasts years gold medalist for arm wrestling
the four of em
Markie and Lyra

Amelia and Me
Yean Li
"charlie's angels"
Sarah, Me, Winnie

Christina and Me
Gordons Flexibility
my baby nicole
Amelia sayang
Yean Li

Justin, Jill, Me
no comments
reaching for the gold
Cheryl and Sarah

Me and Boon
Lyra and Me
Me and Nicole
Me and Amelia

well that concludes this post

we'll wait for Emerge 09!!

and Asia Conference at the end of this year

till da next post