Chris Apartment

i'm totally stuck on Ka Ho Yuet Yuen
the mooncake show
dam u wai chun
made me addicted to it
i practically watched it from 12.30 am till 11 am..
omg 11 hours non stop of watchin the stupid thing
4 more episodes and i'm done! lol =D
the 2nd thing is vote for M11 Jun Kang @
this post is about chris apartment at Damansara
Me, Christopher Yoong, Christopher Tay, Tze Hsien, Chun and John
took a drive down
and hanged out at 1 utama for lunch before we headed to the apartment
poor wai chun wuz constipated..
and he was practically bombing most of the time that day lol
anyways we headed off to his apartment
its near the curve
big enuf...3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and living room
not bad =)
so of course we jakunz..
only will go there for the swimming pool
1st up...
its massage palour =D

believe me its painful
the 5 batangs
wai chun learned to ejaculate
so did the rest
and so did i lol =)
this is the cause of ejaculation =)
Chris yoong, Chun, Chris Tay

some gay pose
the swimmin pool is like an aquarium... we're like fishies =)

imagine i cracked the damn glass =D
jacuzzi 2

this will help if u farted =)
Chris Tay
this is the stupidest pic ever
look closely

close up
how the hell are u supposed to sell it
if u cant even see the number

anyways after the swim
headed back to the apartment

Bathed and we watched Sony beat Bao in China open

till da next post