taylors disaster

Taylors Disaster
To start up the post
Kitchen Class and Moral were good

look at our faces =D

the retarded hair

Moral Class



the fire alarm came on

everyone thought it wuz jus nothing but it turned out to be the real thing

people panicking and being excited

and people like me who wanna check out the fire lol =D

the fire started at Basement 1 about 4 pm

where a car exploded and the fire spread to the other cars

and it made the whole basement 1 a living hell

well as i got this info from Olivia's darling

which i forgot the name =X lol

as he saw the explosion happen when he was at the basement

well for thrill takers like me...

of course i would wanna get down to the basement to check it out

but unluckily...

Security stopped me at the 1st staircase down

and Mr Adrian stopped me at the other staircase T.T


well thanks to them i'm still alive

but i dont have any photos to post up bout the fire T.T

well but i have the photos of the people running here n there

The Courtyard

The Hallway
The Entrance
The Security room
well the fire was put out about 5.15
but sadly no pics though
till da next post