a series of posts

to start up the post

lol dont ask why=)

Meet Zohan!! lol

except i dont have hairdryers and M-16 haha

its a dam hilarious movie

but the story line is kinda bad

i'll rate it a 2/5

The real wan

so anyways its up to u if u wanna watch it

but just giving it a 2/5..

better buy dvd lol =)

anyways continuing with the previous post

i got the pics of the car that was burnt like mad

and made the basement a living hell dat day

here are the remains of the Ford Lynx

and it was a students car

thats scary =X

The Backside

The interior

dam scary rite? imagine there was a person inside

the other side

well to continue dis post

i had RDOD Professional Activity class

and well i'm the head of the CHEERLEADING DEPARTMENT

omg there is such a thing =.= zzzz

anyways so its kinda instead of having class

i'm just teaching cheerleading

for the carnival coming up

so i taught the team basic motions, jumps, and stunts

mainly the ppl in the team are Ejinn, Geralyn, Celine, Melvin, Ally, Levin and Serene

She is light...

but has the trouble of locking =X

alrite to continue dis post

i had kitchen class 2 days back to back

and it was a real killer

one was a night serving

and one more was pastry

the night serving was a killer cos i had classes from 8-5...

and the night serving was 5-10++

that was really a killer...its like...14 hours in college

but it wasn't that bad

as Chef tan is a more relaxed person

not like chef kartina which presures us a lot

made pumpkin soup

and chicken again =)

while the pastry was some kind of cream sponge cake thingi

i forgot the french name=S lol

camwhorers =D

my muscles look big O.o lol

amazing! haha

this pic is hillarious..

as we were pointing at the lift
it suddenly opened...

and we laugh like crazy

Pumpkin soup

supposed to be a banana shape in the middle

kaboomed adi hahaa

pastry class...
nikki and her friend doing cheese cake

chef tan demonstrating

the cake

Crazy after class =D

this is how to train strength =D
and this are the effects of too much class haha
alrite the last entry for dis post is...
well we've been planning with lauren for quite some time
for his surprise b'day
so we had it at itallianies Sunway Pyramid
we gathered there about 7.30
and then came along mervyn with Lauren
he was super shocked when we all jumped out
and wished him happy birthday
and guess what?

he cried!! =D

we ordered a whole lot of food

and i'll let the rest of the pics explain =)

Me and Eunice

Couple 1: Mervyn and Lauren
Couple 2: Ejinn & Josh
Chung with his half a chicken =)
Chia with the carbonara
the table
the other side
Josh and his Carbonara
the table
Mervyn slurping his spaghetti down
Ee Hva's Creme Brulee
Joshua and the ice lemon tea
Chia, Celine, Celestine =)
triple C!!
Candid shot of Ee hva =D
Josh and Chung
top view
the whole table
the ice cream cake
who says guys cant camwhore in toilets? lol
Merv giving his b'day speech =D

and we invited Lauren to stand with him
+ the cake
this is him singing i'm yours to lauren =)
so sweet xD

he tries to blow!!
The couple =)
My wife and I
My Daughters
i became a tree =D
lame =X
Chung and Chia
the family =)
Guess what? we are all 'j's
Jianjian, Jamie, Joshua, Jinn
the bill =X
the final group pic
another pic
Me and Merv
and take 2 lol

i dont know how dis started
but andrew and Jamie have problems lol
so they are like kids which run up escalators haha
anyways so thats about it for dis post
everyone had a great time =D
till da next post