Passion 08 conference

Aug 3, 2008

Passion 2008 Conference

Whats your passion?

alrite Passion is a Christian Band

and it was on its world tour and the 7th stop is...


wootz =D

well the travel plan was:



Sao Paulo>





Kuala Lumpur>



Cape Town>

Mexico City>




Hong Kong>


awesome travel plan rite? lol

it was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

and actually i was not planning to go as i had other things to do

but since my friends insisted of me going

so i tagged along at the last minute =)

it was RM20 for the whole thing

and about 6000 people turned up and packed the event=)

Ppl were queing up since 2pm when the event only started at 6

as usual..Johnyen would always be early

and he went about 2++and it wuz already packing up

while me, Joling, Sophie and the rest came about 4++

when it was already jammed packed..

but a good thing for us that Johnyen was standing in front of the line

so we could cut in =D hahaha

the doors opened about 5.30pm and the event started at 6.15...


okok i shall continue with the pics=)

the entry wristband
jammed packed at 4.30 ++
about 6k ppl packing the whole place

in the hall

the stage - blurry effect-
the Stage
Me and Jo Ling
Me and Johnyen
the hall

Jo Ling and I
Tiffany, Serene, and I

The event started out with a trailer

if you dont understand this trailer..

its about Jesus and the blood that he shed for us and the ressurection

it continued with the 2nd trailer =D

and the band comes up=)
The Band
Chris Tomlin!!!

his voice was awesome!

too bad for u guys that missed it

The Stage

The Concert~~

holy is the lord

Chris Tomlin again =D

The bassist which i donno the name =X
Charlie Hall
he is another singer besides Chris Tomlin
and he rocks too!! =D

Louie Giglio which preached the word

the main topic of the word was about Grace=D

which was really good

the last few songs =)

the event was over about 10++

and then starts the time of taking more photos with friends =D

My Mui Mui Yi Wei
and this was happens when Johnyen has nothing to do

Me and Yi Wei
Josh and the "hand up"
Sam, Josh, Sam
Jo Ling & Hunter
Jo Ling, Rachel, Me

Johnyen is at work again =.= lol
my beloved cousin Rachel=)
Jo Ling and I
Andrienna and I
Sophie and I

well the whole conference was a blast

those who missed it..

you can always go to Jakarta for the next one on 5th August 2008



till da next post