Cupie and college

didn't update for the past few days
well cos i wuz rather busy haha
anyways my accomplishment today was:


but not sure if gonna put it in routine though...hahaha

continueing the post..

i spotted a Hotlink car...just trying to promote Avril Lavigne

and here it is! lol =)

lol i donno wats up wif dis photo lol

anyway continueing the post wif recent events in class such as...

The ring 3! lol

got bored during exam hahaha=)

Eunice Yum Yum lol
Evon and I
My "passport photo"
DORHH!!!! lol
Eunice and I after Front Office Class
Wei Ling and I...
she's pretty messed up as she just got out of da kitchen lol

Chia Chia O.o
Celine, Geralyn & I
The other Eunice lol
she looks like aunty from dis view
but she was wearing a beautiful dress inside it though lol =X

Jay and his "habits"
Evon and I
Hantu di belakang Ee jinn
Vicky and I

and well we played futsal the other day at sports planet
10 of us
and many injuries lol

a short preview
Mervyn koreking his butt lol
dont ask me how Celestine played wif that shoes
Andrew in love with da ball
the strong man! lol
well futsal wuz kinda fun...
except...Geralyn, Chung and Celes were hurt lol
next trip would be for basketball! =)

till da next post