My beloved Cecilia..
thanks for the past 9 months u've been with me...
the memories and love u have given me
sorry that it didnt work out between us
the first time i saw her online

our first date
at times square
the blur faceswhen we went to MPO
At C3 2008 my birthday
Cheer 2008
Cheer 2008
City Harvest Anniversary
i'm sorry for the things i've done wrong
and for the times i've hurt u..
i'll end this with the song i wrote to u last time
Verse 1
I Feel that i am bored to death
i'm living in my past regrets
the wrong decisions and my pride
has cause the one i love from me today
Verse 2
i feel i'm living in a lie
emotions tied up just so high
and now i really want to say
my love for you has not yet died today
my heart it cries
that we could start again from where it end
i ought to try
and here's my pride
from the beginning till the very end
sorry that things just didn't work out...
i'm sorry for everything