A busy day

My past Saturday
wuz kinda a busy one ..haha
well it started off with a lunch at pizza hut at 1 utama
it was kinda like the last makan for x-alternate from Sinar Bintang
so Me, Jeremy, Liyen and Jonathan were invited also
we had lunch with the team at Pizza Hut..
plenty of pizzas to feed a bunch of us =D....
and in the mean time...
they were so busy going out of pizza hut and going back in..
really wondered on what they were doing actually
in the end we found out that they were actually buying cards and stuff for us =D
The Notebook and the 3 cards i've got
The 1st Card
They know i can't read chinese but they still bought dis card
nvm thats the good use of translaters =) hahaha
thx gurls =)

The 2nd Card
the front cover
and the inside
pretty =D

and the 3rd card

the 1st page
and the inside =) The Team with Jeremy & Me
after the lunch i had to run real fast to Sunway as i had to pick up my mom...
and i had to go for dance rehearsal
cos we had a preview at 8pm..
so we kept on training and so on la
well the dance rehearsal wuz great i guess....
and the preview wuz considered quite good =)

what i love to do=)

beat me if u can =P hahahaha

after the preview..

went straight to Boon's house

as we were giving him a surprise b'day party =D

he was shocked and so on la..

as the door wasn't lock...

he thought the house kena break in lol

anyways we celebrated it with a cake and went of to 15 to makan

Boon cutting the cake

well it was quite a busy day =X haha

anyway todays boon's real b'day



finally legal bro =D hahaha

enjoy it =)

till da next post