Starting of the 2nd sem

lol i dont know whats with this actually
Zhen Yue gave it to me in his comment lol
anyways to start off...
term 2 has started
and my schedule is packed like mad
its basically 8-6 everday
which is so tiring
so anyways i'll jus wait for term 3 which would be less tiring
as the schedule for term 3 wont be too much
some photos from college:


at the office

in the library watching
Desperate Mouthwash
some moral project videothis is our first serving class
i had Sherry and Adeline as my guest
and i can say it went rather well
nothing bad happened...
and Mr Alex wuz saying the whole class did rather well =)
anyways this is some crap that Mervyn, Chung, Andrew and Jay did:
playing CS on the 3rd floor =.=""
the effects of 8-6 everyday i guess lol

lol anyways...
till da next post