Rdod Class

Well i had Rdod Class today
its kinda like events management
so we're organising a event about September
its gonna be carnival
all are invited
the details will be told once i get em =)
kekeke there are plenty of departments
and i'm in the cheerleading wan =.=
i have no idea why Ms Ruth asked for a cheerleading department
but lets c how it goes=)
so well...
this is kinda like what happen in class today
PR department briefing
i have no idea why my face wuz like that lol
the class
Josh & Ejinn
we got bored=)

Chung from the finance department
Hair O.o
evons failed shot
but she still wanted me to post this up lol
take 1
take 2
take 3
Chung & Chia
the coupon samples
my talk =S lol
E Jinny =)
well so get ready for a carnival to come=)
till da next post