Random pics

another random post...
i went for Jay's serving yesterday
well..u know...free food...why not? lol=)
anyways i went wif mervyn and Jevin

some kinda tuna salad

the leftoversJevin and Mervyn
Chicken as the main course

and creme caramel for dessert
the salad...not really cooked...the potatoes werent cooked
the main course wuz okay okay only la..
but dessert wuz good =) haha
and this is kitty playing pool =) hahaha
had Rooms division class today
wuz so tiring as lectures from 8-2.30 and 3-5
crazy rite?
anyway adding on the crazyness...
what we did before class
and joshua's and mervyns guide to swimming
and this is another version of
Charm All Stars Vid in cheer 2008
till da next post