Kitchen Day

had my 2nd serving class today
so wuz cooking in the kitchen whee =)
serving like 60 pax of high school kids
i'm lucky i wasn't a waiter today as many said
the kids were so damn annoying
and dont know what is fine dining
we gathered at College about 8++
as our class started at 9
Jay and Andrew before da class
Eunice with her big big smile =)
the food served for the day was
Shrimp cocktail
Roasted Chicken with Gravy
and Apple Custard
well i didn't take much photos on the presentation and stuff
but this is all i have:

Apple Custard

Roast Chicken
lol this is for us barbarians at the back =)
u should have seen us eating lol
of course the ones served to the guest has veri nice presentations and portions =)
but then i guess the high school kids wont appreciate all dis presentations

I'm Ee Jinn's stalker

wuz like 15 metres away from her actually hahaha

and i got high =) hahaha

Me, Yen Wei and Merv lol

Evon's tired look

Eunice the big big smile girl =)
the slackers after class haha
we were supposed to clean up
but we slacked around haha

my first photo with Kitty =)

man we've been classmates but i nvr even got a photo with u ever since

Celine and I

Me and Cindy

dont mess with her she gives a mean punch =) hahaha

and we're gonna be dancing together for Emerge 2008

lol i'm gonna kena from her already =X

anyways til da next post