journey to the north

Journey to the north
lol pirated version of journey to the west lol =)
This is my longest post ever
1stly...i wanna thank Serene's parents for letting me stay over =)
2ndly...wanna thank Serene, Henna, Jocelyn, and Ying Sern
for accompanying me most of the time
3rdly...i wanna thank Gao Loong for lending me his camera so i can take pics =D
okay okay...
i have been to several places the last 4 days
the journey wuz from:
Subang Jaya > Sg petani > Alor Star > Kangar > Sg Petani > Penang > Kangar >Subang Jaya
complicated leh? lol =)
DAY 1 (Sunday)
i departed from Subang on Sunday at around 9 am
and reach Sg petani at 12..
cos my parents were sending my sis to Sg i tagged along..
she is doing her 4th year in Aimst university over there
anyways we had a light lunch and i took a bus to Alor Star
as i reached Alor Star about 3 pm
jump onto another bus to Kangar which wuz my true destination =)
and i reached Kangar about 4.30 pm
Serene and her mom picked me up from the bus station and headed to their house
this is my 2nd time being up there =)
and its super peaceful over there as its not a city
after i unpacked a bit..
me and serene headed off to Jocelyns Church to help out a bit
and went on to some bukit near her church after that
some padi fires lol

the sungai
the beach
Jocelyns sister and the rest

the kids
the bukit
another part of the bukit
bukit bukit some more lol
the sign board
climbing up the bukit
Jocelyns Dad sure can do it =D
the view at the top of the hill
okay u can see thailand at the upper right corner
(the other island)

the sunset
Me and Jocelyn
Me and Serene

Jocelyn and Serene
the wind blows her
and we walked down the steps
we had to cross that small bridge lol
flower =D
thats the hill we climbed lol
a sight u will never see in Kuala Lumpur
the padi fields
the trip back to Serenes house
i love this pic i dont know why lol =)

anyways as i reached back to Serenes place
her parents went out for some meeting i think..
so we quickly cleaned up ourselves...
and headed for dinner with Jocelyn again
we went to one of Jocelyns friends makan place
the fried rice there wuz good =)
be prepared for more food lol

anyways i couldn't stay up that night
supposed to watch football with Serene and her dad
so i didn't get to watch spain beat germany =S
aihz saddening lol

DAY 2 (Monday)
woke up about 9 +
went with Serene's family
and had breakfast at a coffeeshop i ate at last time
wanted to try the famous fried kuay teow
but then the person wuzn't there
so we tried the 2nd famous wan over there lol
Ying Sern join us not long after that
and we picked up Henna too
and headed down to Sg Petani

Serene's parents had to go for a funeral over there
so they left us at Tesco
and we did some shopping while we wait for them
Peanut butter
try and guess whats by my sides lol =S
slippers lol
henna and serene used me as a slipper hanger =S

anyways after Tesco
her parents picked us up
and we headed down for another 1 hour+ to Penang
Serene's father wanted to bring us to the famous Old Man Kuay Teow Soup shop
which he said was there since 40-50 years ago
but too bad the shop wasn't open that day
so we had to settle for 2nd best
which is Angry Woman Kuay Teow Soup shop
LOL!! the names the father give is so true lol...

the fire station across the Angry Woman's shop lol
the road
and the angry woman cooking the kuay teow

Henna Tan Ern Ai

Angry Woman's Kuay Teow

i admit it was quite good

till i finished every drop lol =)

after lunch at that shop

Serene's parents sent us to Gurney Plaza

Hunchback of NotherPenang Church lol

some random mansion

the wedding shop
and the sea
well her parents sent us off and they headed back to Perlis
so it was left Me, Ying Sern, Henna and Serene
we met up with...Te May
and we watched Made of Honour
well Ying Sern said it wuz boring..
but in all the other rows..we laughed the loudest=D

after the show

Te May and I

anyways i met up with my daughter Yen Wei

its been super long since i saw her

well since her hometown is here

so i stayed awhile to talk with her =)

and after that we headed off to walk to Gurney Drive

The Poluted Beach

Gurney Drive
The Stalls
The Sitting Area
some dessert
another type of Dessert
Wan Tan Mee
Fried Oyster + Egg
Fried Kuay Teow
Ying Sern
its been 2 years since i ate over there
cos the last time i had food poisoning and ended up vomitting all da way back to KL
so its a good thing it didn't happen again =)
we headed off to the Taxi Stand
and took a Taxi to Ying Sern's Condominium
we walk
Recycle Billboard lol
The Taxi Man Serene and Henna
Pirated Version of the Twin Towers

anyway we reached Queensbay
which wuz like the other side of penang
and went up to Ying Serns Condominium

Ying Serns Condo
The Swimming pool
its like a fish tank at this area as u can see whos swimming
and what they wearing lol

walk walk

the view from downstairs lol

and from Ying Serns Condo..

we have the night life of Penang

The extended lights is the penang bridge at night
after some time we went off to Queensbay Mall
and we watched our 2nd movie
Get Smart!!
lol its a great movie for laughs
could laugh till the jaw drops
and after the movie...which was like...11pm
no one is on the road
unlike KL
thats how peaceful it is

and i can play around=D

we headed off to a Mamak for supper

my sirap bandung

ying sern's Fried rice

me and Serene

My Mee Goreng
we headed back to the apartment
and started to doze off slowly
in the meantime
we camwhored lol

The one and only Princess Henna

Guess which is mine and which is Henna's =)

Ying Sern

Baby Serene


we woke up late

as usual haha..guys wake up earlier than girls =)

so we headed off to the Jetty about noon

and to our surprise


so we went to enjoy another bowl of Kuay Teow Soup

Well this shop is really great
recommend it for Food lovers
Even a princess sneezes lol
and the people who are attracted to shades are: Henna
Ying Sern
lol my sunglasses are celebrities =D
anyway continuing with it..
the food =DI've been drinking too much tea lately =Sleong char
This is the Soup with rice
Serene again
Ying Sern
and this is the famous Kuay Teow Soup
hahaha =.=

okays anyway after lunch we headed off for da jetty

the building near the jeti
the jeti signboard =S
Celcom Territory!! lol
the Jetty
as we leave Penang Island
another island
Penang Island again
Me and Henna on the Ferry
Me, Serene, Ying Sern
the penang bridge

well Serenes dad came again to fetch us from the Jetty
Serene's Dad

the trip back to Kangar
and we slept
the road back
the electric generators
and it rained =S lol

we reached kangar about 3 pm
sent Ying Sern Home
and left the 3 of us..
we went to Serene's neighbour that sells desserts

i donno whats it called lol =S
anyways not long after that Henna went back
and Jocelyn came over
bought me veri awesome Asam Laksa and Lemak Laksa
sorry no pics though
but it wuz so fantastic! lol
soon after that
we went to the paddy fields to snap pictures
the paddy fields
me and Jocelyn
i donno why this picture wuz taken also haha

and this is a veri historical part of the Paddy field

the place where Henna fell into the paddy field on a bicycle


old kampung house
kampung chicken
and kampung fisherman on the paddy field lol
we went back...
and went over to Henna's house
this are her 2 dogs Shiro
well she is veri friendly
dont mind the eyes lol
we watched the movie called Facing Giants
or something like that lol
its a really heart touching movie
and really meaningful too =)
after the movie went back to Serene's house and slept the night
DAY 4 (Wednesday)
well it was the last day for me to stay in the north
so had my breakfast
and departed from Perlis at 10 am
the 8 hour journey
not many from KL will take
but i think it is really a good experience
and always new things u can find out from the north
till da next post