Cheer 2008

Well the long awaited Cheer 2008

that happens once a year..

at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium..

where teams come to compete and fight for the

Champion Title..

and the rights to brag about it for a year lol

anyway it went on from 12-13 july

teams are supposed to perform on both days

and the marks are added up to find the total score =)

so to start off with the 1st day

Day 1

woke nup early like...6.45 lol

went there early check out the mats...seating area and stuff

and then went on to my team

Jeremy wuz the coach and i'm the assistant coach

for a team called x-alternate from SMK Sinar Bintang

well for the 1st day they did not veri well

as the timing wuz out...

music wuz out..

wuz kinda bad and dissapointing and stressing the 1st day

well anyway to continue with the post

The Judges this year as usual is

Anne Gorman

Samantha Gorman

Santwon McCray

Michael Guillen

Sarah Renner

The rest of the pics are mainly pics of ppl from the event

my tags

My baby
Winnie and I
Jun Kang and I
Yun Sin and I
our lunch and goodie bags

After are some of the teams that i've recorded down

well its kinda professional cams =X lol

Titans from AMC Ipoh

Vulcanz All Girls from SMK Seafield

Cyclonez from SMK BSD 1

Cyrens from Sri KL

Stunners from Sri KDU

well i guess thats all for the videos

didn't take much though

Me, Chin, Celine
Me, Rach, Celine
SBS South Anchorz
Lai Hoong

Siew Wai, Lai Hoong, Me
Baby Again
Darlin Tieng Wei

This is a Vid on Judge Michael doing his gymnastics routine

Yun Sin
Yun Sin and judge Michael Guiller
Yun Sin and Judge Santwon McCray

well after cheer

sent Baby back to her place

and it wuz so bloody jam

stupid police make road block from 5 lanes to 2 lanes!!

crazy shit i was stuck there for like 45 minutes for nutz

the bloody jam


anyway that concludes Day 1

went early again
and this time Chris followed me =)
sorry ah Chris if u felt like a tiang lampu between Me and Her lol
anyways the crowd for today wuz spectacular
as most of the Seats were filled up and everything =)

The Stadium
anyways so today the whole Stadium wuz packed
ppl who are crazy shouting and screaming
at the top of their lungs for the teams they love

Me and Chris

Cecilia and Priscilla

Me and Mon Wei


My team
well today they've done a much better job compared to yesterday
proud of u gals =)
anyway today there are a few vids too
Stunners All Girls from Sri KDU

Ppl from many teams parading the floor

Ven Hui =)

i love her cos she bought for me chocolates and a penguin from Australia for me =D

Chin, Sabrina, Me


i then realized she wuz from my church lol


Chilli =D
Ee Wynn..
i donno what she wuz doing anyway lol
Go Titans! lol =)
Chilli, Me, Fei Lou
Me and Wenny =X
i donno how to spell ur name eventhough its been 2 years adi lol
Me, the seniors of Titans, and Jonathan
no comments =S lol
Sungai Wang Nerd lol
Santwon McCray
Adam from AF performing
Charm Juniors & Charm All Stars performing with
Judges Sarah Renner, Samantha Gordon, and Michael Guillen
sry its cut to half =X camera problem
Judge Santwon Performing
the results that i can remember are:
Shirtlift from SMK SBU
1st Runner up:
Dynamitez from SMK DJ
2nd Runner up:
Stunners All-Boys from Sri KDU
3rd Runner up:
Titans from AMC Ipoh
4th Runner up:
Xavier from SMK SBS
Best Newcomer award:
Best Showmanship:
Shirtlift from SMK SBU
Best Dressed:
Sparklerz from SMK SS 17
SilkyGirl Merit Award:
Shirtlift from SMK SBU
Best Make up Champion:
Titans From AMC Ipoh
Best Make up 1st Runner up:
Cyrens from Sri KL
Best Make up 2nd Runner up:
so we can say that Shirtlift has made a new record
by taking 3 titles home =)
congratz everyone who participated
remember its not all about winning
its about having fun
for those who didn't score as they wanted
try harder next year =D
for more info on Cheer...check the Star
cos i dont have enuf space in my brain to remember all da awards
my quote:
What breaks us makes us stronger =D
Cecilia and Mr chong
lol his shirt is crumpled it looks like
I toss GA*S
Adilah and I
Cecilia =)
Magdalene the Lamer =D
Jeremy, Me and X-Alternate Ee Wynn, Chilli, Me, Wenny, Sun Sun
Fei Lou'z =)
U-Sern, Kheen Ho and Shermund
the basses are all Stunners
Me and Carolyn
u cant beat me
the chocolates that Ven Hui Gave =)
and the penguin
well this years Cheer wuz alrite
and it wuz enjoyable lol
till da next post