another random post

sry guys that i didn't update for some time =X

wuz kinda busy and stuff la

accounts and maths are killing me rite now =X

so anyways to start this post up...

i managed to capture 5 animals this weekend lol

fresh from AC

they can now be twins in my room hahaha =)

anyways this are some random pics over the week

me and Eunice

and i finally watched Batman The Dark Knight =)

it was superb

worth my RM 11

Batman The Dark Knight

The Joker

too bad he died right after he produced this film

sad case

Fly Batman Fly

His new toy

anyways watched it with

Adeline, Wen Wen, Chun, Chris, Tim, Michael, Zhan Wei and Sean

we crashed at pyramid for a while

and headed off to AC for supper

on da way

my catch of the nite

Pimp my toy lol

Adeline's way
the Sexytery and Adeline LOL!!
Sean'z blurnezz
Me and Adeline

Michael and Chris
the sotong ball that adeline hit away when i was trying to give it to her lol
in the end i got 3 toys that nite =X

wai chun was emo-fied as i couldnt get him the winnie he wanted

anyways so that wraps up 1 nite =)

on Sat it is my Church Anniversary

it was really awesome as came with me this week =)

in addition...Nicholas was performing as one of the violinist in the orchestra

1st time my church got this kinda things

kinda cool =)

Pastor Kevin preached a awesome sermon about dreaming dreams...

really relevent also..

the orchestra and worship team
me and baby cecilia
Cecilia, Me, Adeline

adeline wore a dress =) hehehe

lol nutty gal

anyway that concludes this post

till da next post