Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rdod Class

Well i had Rdod Class today
its kinda like events management
so we're organising a event about September
its gonna be carnival
all are invited
the details will be told once i get em =)
kekeke there are plenty of departments
and i'm in the cheerleading wan =.=
i have no idea why Ms Ruth asked for a cheerleading department
but lets c how it goes=)
so well...
this is kinda like what happen in class today
PR department briefing
i have no idea why my face wuz like that lol
the class
Josh & Ejinn
we got bored=)

Chung from the finance department
Hair O.o
evons failed shot
but she still wanted me to post this up lol
take 1
take 2
take 3
Chung & Chia
the coupon samples
my talk =S lol
E Jinny =)
well so get ready for a carnival to come=)
till da next post

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Serving class

some late pics from my last serving class
well this were the pics from the 1st serving class
as u can c...
i was a waiter lol =)
i had Sherry and Adeline for my 1st guests =)
which was an honour =D
preparing the cutleriesGeralyn and I
Blah Blah Blah
My 1st Guest Sherry babbee...=)
And another beautiful Gal
named Adeline
She has gone back to Australia T.T
wish i could have spent more time with ya...
missing ya
till da next post

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my new baby

Meet my new baby =)
becides my one and only Cecilia =D hehe
meet Sony G900
well after thinking about it
i finally bought it! =D
its a PDA phone with 5 mega pix cam =D

the bag

the box

my new G900

the back

5 mega pix =D

and the free bluetooth

till da next post


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Emerge Song Writing Prelims & Some iu pics

Few Vids in this post
1st up is...
Gordons Basket Back Tuck..
okay anyway continuing this post
today wuz the City Harvest Church Emerge Talentime Prelims
Now who says Church aint cool? =)
there were about 120 contestents in few categories
Freestyle, Song Writing, Dance, Hosting, Vocals
i wuz in the Song Writing Category
so me and my sister performed a song i wroted
titled higher
the stage
the song lyrics are:
It is getting hard now
we are losing it all
as the time passes by
it is breaking
our relationship walls
we might shatter and fall
to the depths that no one has gone through
now is time for us to stand
what is our future in plan
why do we stop at this now
lets take it higher
why should we waste up our life
as we're running after
a moment like this
that no one can miss
we wont be the same again
time is running out now
as we're racing forward
to reach the peak of our lives
no one can stop us
it wont be as it is
we can't stop like this
it is time for us to live
written by Samuel Chew
all rights reserved

Joshua's dance team
continuing with this post
a few pics from the place
Me and Celine
she did freestyle dancing

Me and Vivien

well after the event i sent off my sister to Summit for church

but i ended up going to summit as well

as the 17 iu was held over there

so i just went to crash
Wai Chun
Phaik Teng and I
Nicole and I
Amerlyn and I

Me and Ima
Sean Insisted i take too many pics with gals =X
Phaik Teng, me, Yin Shi
Me and Priscilla
Magdalene, Me, Airina
well after that i went back
and now am jus waiting for the results of the Prelims
till da next post

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Short Crust pastry again


Joshua einstein
lol!! =)
what i did in class =X
boredom T.T
anyways today i had pastry class with Chef Tan
had our short Crust pastry Assessment
we made chocolate short crust pastry and
lemon short crust pastry =)
delish =)

me and Celine

my 1st photo of him =D
waiting for da class
Yen Wei
Dough Penis =)

Andrew Demonstrating how its used
Chef Tan Cutting the chocolate
thats how dam big the choc is
Me likey =D

my dough bling bling =D
our Short Crust pastry =)
simply delish =D
till da next post