Summersplashhy sucked

Who agrees with me that Summersplash sucked?
this year wuz really unorganized..
and the fact that it was really chaotic
this two pictures from the entrance shows how chaotic it wuz entrance 1
entrance 2
i hate the fact everyone wuz pushing like crazy
wheres the lines? zzzz be more organized please
I dont like sexual harrassment!
anyways i went to summersplash with Melody, Kathleen, Esther and Cynthia
met up about 1 that day in pyramid
Me, Cynthia & Esther at pyramid

Melody and I
and Kathleen looks away
anyways as we went through the crowd
we reached the inside
it wuz jammed packed...
and was really boring
poor organization this year

The facts why i hate summersplash this year:
Bad organizers...
giving out tix so easily made the whole place jammed packed

No Security
there was a gang who actually lite some motorcycles on fire for distraction
and then destroyed the lockers to steal other peoples belongings!!

Eye sores....
Shufflers that suck at shuffling trying to show of their sucky skills
its a beach party not a club dang it!!! if u want to shuffle
Girls who dont know how to wear bikinis properly
i saw so many nipple slips which is another eye sore
if u respect urself...wear it properly...if u dont know then dont wear it!!

a girl wearing a pink bikini..which was quite see through
and she didn't shave her vagina...
and there was hair sticking out from the sides of the bikini!!

the stage
the crowd
the other side of the crowd

anyways we went on to the theme park as it wuz really a disaster over there
so we played some rides...
and the girls left about 5++ Me, Melody, Kathleen, Esther
I'm the only one not wearing slippers lol
Me and Esther..
i'm lookin so wet =X

anyways so after that i went back to the surf beach to find other peeps
and i met up with Phaik Teng, Phaik Wei, Amanda, and Vinnz
so i made myself stuck to them
Me, Amanda, Phaik Teng
Me and Teng Teng
Me and Amanda

soon after that we left summersplash
and i met up wif my old band member Adrian xD

the blur ass xD
had my dinner and soon left that horrendous place
summersplash sucks