Rev Mike & Teddy Bears =D

Today wuz culinary exam

it went well and i got out like 20 minutes after the exam..

smart ppl mar...watado lol *perasan-ing*

after the exam went to chill for a while with classmates

and went to church not long after that

Today Rev Mike Connell from New Zealand came to preach for the fathers day service

and his message really touched my heart..

as it really is the same thing i'm going through right now

and i had the privilege of getting prayed for by him

which my eyes actually started rolling down with tears

as God actally spoked to him and told him the things i am going through

and he wuz able to pray for the things i wuz going through

without me saying a word

so i feel i'm really blessed today

since its fathers day my church gave every father a tie..

which is imported from japan..

the best part wuz Pastor Kevin said that fathers with multiple children can get 1 tie for each child he has..

so Rev Mike has 7 children hahaaha...

and pop-ed out another contender which is Pastor Tan with another 7 children they got 7 tie's each lol

Well after Service went for Cell Group

and its like the farewell for Serene as she would be going back to Johor..

and dont think she'll be coming back here as she'll be going to UK to continue her studies

well the pics for this will be posted up later =)

anyways soon after fellowshipping i went off to AC to meet Ernest

and i played one of those stupid picking soft toys with the grappling hook machine

and I got one on my 2nd try lol =D

and its a cute and fluffy teddy =D

hahaha =)

well my day wuz awesome

so this ends my post