Last Day of exams and Skating =)

The last exam
now i'm on a 2 week break =D
can finally enjoy hehe =)

before the exam lol
anyways after the exam
a lot of us went to pyramid
and some of us went skating =) hehe
well we skated about 1 pm-6.30 like that lol
i'm super karated =X
2 years since i skated
mervyn and chungTiff, Merv and Chung

lol the numbers keep adding haha
Rachel and Candice
well this gals jus popped out haha...

Evon and me
my hockey blades are not comfy anymore T.T
after skating i met up wif my baby
well she jus didn't skate today =S
Baby Cecilia
and soon she had to rush of for practise
so i just wondered around
and i met up wif cathryn and her friends
she wanted to buy condoms for a guys b'day
and they jus didn't know which one to choose
well u know flavours...extra pleasure...etcetc lol

Me and Cathryn

and i jus wondered around pyramid for a while

and went to check out the GT conventionHonda .... lol i donno the model

the butt

the rims


anyways soon after that went off home =)

till da next post