Hillsongs United Concert

This is a super late post
as i had to get pics from friends...so it took time
anyway as i said in my previous previous post
Hillsongs United came
it was a spectacular night
The concert wuz fantastic...
2 hours of Praise and Worship
and it lead on deeper as His presence was there
i wanna say thanks to
Kathleen, Joshua, Melody, Mei Fong and Esther
for the photos =)
it started with the introduction..
time has come
and plenty other songs
i cant remember =) haha
so anyways i'll let the pics do the talking
then tell me isn't praising God awesome?
the introduction
concert starts~

anyway this doesn't apply for concerts only
it happens every week in church =)
well i know in GT and City Harvest its like that =)
so anyways after the concert we went outside
and i finally got to buy the Hillsongs T shirt
the last time they came it wuz like RM80 and i couldn't afford
now its RM40 and i'm happy =) hehe
i met up with many old friends
and i really had an enjoyable time
kar hoe, melody, kathleen, me
the four of us =)
i feel tall =D
Melody and I
Me and Mel =)
dont u ever break her heart or i will break you
till the next post