a fishy day =)

Well its been sometime since i've updated

hrmm today is a fishhy dayy =)


because of kitchen class

for the starter we did tomato salad...

so here are the de-skinned tomatoes...

tomatoes wifout skins

and the final product =)

anyways today we learned about the filleting of fish =)

cos on thurs we're gonna be serving fishies to the guest lol

lets hope no one dies
well filleting of fish aint as easy as it looks..

cos its dam slimy lol

Chia Chia with her fish

Chef Fredderick demonstrating
Chung slicing
* censored*

the user doesnt like it up here XD

sorry babe i couldn't resist posting this up =)

and there are the fillets me and chung did =)

his new best friend lol

anyways after class we went off to the lockers...

and we prove that guys do camwhore too lol


and as i wuz walking out...i saw sherry babyyy xD

fishhy hands fishyy hands =)

me and Sherry

well we talked for sometime and i went of for lunch

and i was so happy i ate Chicken rice today

cos my daughter that ate mixed rice...had a bad experience lol

there wuz a caterpillar in her veggies! lol hahaha

so thank God i didn't eat mixed rice lol

soon after that we went up to the library to study

had ENVG finals today

but we ended up:

doing lame things

and getting high lol

anyways ENVG wuz okay...

so that concludes this post