cg stuffz =)

well i forgot to post this up
this is about cg outings and birthdays=)
alrite anyway we went for an outing about 2 weeks ago =X
thats how outdated i am
so anyways we met up in church

jeng jeng jeng lol

poser alert! haha

w4 and w21

classic =D

anyways so we went to mcdonalds at ss15 for makan =)

so the cars used for today were:

felix's honda city
Jen May's honda civic

and also Geralds gen 2 lol

but no pic for that =X haha

so anyway we went to mcd and hav our meal

some of us
Serene =D
food =)
and soon after that we went to pyramid
to play bowling
well this is like super long since i've played haha xD

putting the names

well everyone has their own style of bowling =)

felix style haha

i aim...

i throw

another angle

strike!!! xD

well the scores were horrible so i dont wanna post it up lol

group pic =)

another group pic
after bowling we headed of to shah alam =)
for some good, famous and delish food =D
well i forgot the name of da shop lol

char siu

and the chicken

and the ending of the day lol


well this are a few birthdays that had been celebrated last month =)

Petula's birthday

the birthday gallove the candle
Jo Ling, Petula and Me
me and serene

and this is my b'day combined with Jen May

till da next post