cg outing

my daily catch from AC:

mr brown teddy lol
okay i really have no life
but then if i see something thats vulnerable of me winning
i sure will haha =)
man i must thank my sifu Alex for teaching me how to grab all dis toys haha
anyways this is just an appetizer of what i went through today
went for CG combined outing
w4, w21 and w39
went to some bukit near jalan ampang there
it wuz really nice...really cold and chilly too =)
had our dinner there
the drive up
the mist
thats how misty it wuz lol

the walkway
and the beautiful scenary of KL from where we ate

anyways more pix will be up once i get em from shearly =)

and i wont be around for a couple of days as i will be going to

Penang, Perlis, Ipoh and Sg petani =)

so i shall update...about...thurs =)

till da next post