Beauty and the Vommiterz lol

my daily catch from Asia Cafe:
meet monkey and cow =D lol
got em both from the grapling hook machine lol haha
continuing my post
today'z the day i went to watch...
Beauty and the Beast Musical
well i really enjoyed it and it wuz really well done
ppl who loves musicals and stuff
its a good show =)
dont miss it hehe

the banner

t shirts and caps for sale

other merchandise for sale

my sisters
after Beauty and the beast
went to Soo Kee's restaurant near Times Square there
ate the delicious and famous
Chi Pao Kai and Sang Har Mee..
well i donno how spell =X sorry if grammar mistakes lol
anyways it wuz fab! and real appetizing =D
sorry no pics on that though lol
soon not long after that reached back home
and Ernest called me out for Lok Lok
dono why is this with his craving
then as he fetched me out..
instead of Lok Lok
went to Barcelona =.="""
to go help our drunkard friend that wuz pissed drunk
that wuz vomitting and totally Ko-ed over there
i have no idea how they finished 7 bottles in about an hour =.=
and that max didn't think bout his limits
and we couldnt eat Lok Lok =.="""

Ernest the pimp

Wai Chun

he got drunk at Poppi and decided to come barcelona to find us lol

and Max...the pissed drunk fella lol

so anyways Ernest drove Max car back..

while i used Ernest car..

just to get Max out of the club and into the car wuz hard enuf

he put on a few Kg's lately lol

so we sent him home...

made a video for him to watch so that he wont be so blur in the morning

and we went off to AC to eat Grilled fish...

so it wuz left me, Xiu Keong, Ernest, and Chun chilling

and went back not long after...

well u c how late this post is

u know what time we've got back haha

till da next post