Sunday, June 29, 2008

cg outing

my daily catch from AC:

mr brown teddy lol
okay i really have no life
but then if i see something thats vulnerable of me winning
i sure will haha =)
man i must thank my sifu Alex for teaching me how to grab all dis toys haha
anyways this is just an appetizer of what i went through today
went for CG combined outing
w4, w21 and w39
went to some bukit near jalan ampang there
it wuz really nice...really cold and chilly too =)
had our dinner there
the drive up
the mist
thats how misty it wuz lol

the walkway
and the beautiful scenary of KL from where we ate

anyways more pix will be up once i get em from shearly =)

and i wont be around for a couple of days as i will be going to

Penang, Perlis, Ipoh and Sg petani =)

so i shall update...about...thurs =)

till da next post


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beauty and the Vommiterz lol

my daily catch from Asia Cafe:
meet monkey and cow =D lol
got em both from the grapling hook machine lol haha
continuing my post
today'z the day i went to watch...
Beauty and the Beast Musical
well i really enjoyed it and it wuz really well done
ppl who loves musicals and stuff
its a good show =)
dont miss it hehe

the banner

t shirts and caps for sale

other merchandise for sale

my sisters
after Beauty and the beast
went to Soo Kee's restaurant near Times Square there
ate the delicious and famous
Chi Pao Kai and Sang Har Mee..
well i donno how spell =X sorry if grammar mistakes lol
anyways it wuz fab! and real appetizing =D
sorry no pics on that though lol
soon not long after that reached back home
and Ernest called me out for Lok Lok
dono why is this with his craving
then as he fetched me out..
instead of Lok Lok
went to Barcelona =.="""
to go help our drunkard friend that wuz pissed drunk
that wuz vomitting and totally Ko-ed over there
i have no idea how they finished 7 bottles in about an hour =.=
and that max didn't think bout his limits
and we couldnt eat Lok Lok =.="""

Ernest the pimp

Wai Chun

he got drunk at Poppi and decided to come barcelona to find us lol

and Max...the pissed drunk fella lol

so anyways Ernest drove Max car back..

while i used Ernest car..

just to get Max out of the club and into the car wuz hard enuf

he put on a few Kg's lately lol

so we sent him home...

made a video for him to watch so that he wont be so blur in the morning

and we went off to AC to eat Grilled fish...

so it wuz left me, Xiu Keong, Ernest, and Chun chilling

and went back not long after...

well u c how late this post is

u know what time we've got back haha

till da next post


Thursday, June 26, 2008

a late post

well i supposed to post this up like...
3 weeks ago? hahaha
didn't find the time
bowling with Liz, Rachel, and Vivien
man we really did suck at this lol

Pyramid Mega Lanes
Score Board
Vivien, Rachel, Liz
lol Vivien is ony a size 1 =S hahaha!!!

Liz & Vivien

and now to show the styles of our playing:

Liz style lol

mineRachels =)
powerful leh? xD
and i kept the best for last...
Vivien! =D

her 1st style

and it continues!!


this show how sucky we were =X lol

till da next post


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i decide to name him
so he is my Squishy xD hehe
1stly dont ask why there is a plaster on my chin!
both are posers xD
and he slept =S
anyways today i finally watched
the incredible hulk 2 =D
i find it alright but the story line a bit predictable



alrite anyway i went with Adeline to watch it

me and Adeline
we went to beans at 15 after the movie

honey dew sago
mango sago & honey dew sago

so well...thats it for today


Sunday, June 22, 2008

my new glider

lol i have no comments for that vid haha

first up i finally bought a cap

always wanted to get one of this type of caps

but nvr bought

finally lol

UD by radioactive
the side

haha okok this is not why i took this post

i got my new sugar glider finally =)

after the long await

i've GOTTEN IT!!!

thx lance =) hehe

but i havn't named it yet =X lemme think lol

aint he adorable?

he hugz the apple

and he licks too lol

what you looking at? lol

aint he adorable? =)

the cute fella

rawr!!! lol

till da next post

cf rally 2008


well its the time that all the school cfs come together and have fun
well i'm in college...which makes lol

anyways it wus a last minute thing cos i totally forgot about it haha

so anyways i went there so early cos of my sis

and i waited like 1 hour jus for the thing to start =.=

well this year

i'm finally not in the comittee...crew...usher...or musician

i'm feeling so free =)
well anyway to start this post

my tag

finally i'm just a participant

the backdrop
Me, Shawn, Careen, Gladys, Someone Someone =X
forgot the names =X

Shawn and I
The ppl selling the things lol

We're getting lame xD

Me and Careen

anyways so it started and we went in

i went in with melody...

well she managed to pull me for the rally haha

melody and I

man we should have camwhored more =X

and Cheryl fell asleep

thats the ony pics from the 1st and 2nd session
for my experience i think that the 2nd session was the best in all the 3 sessions

so anyways i went back home to get the car

dont ask how i got back lol

and i came back about 7 for the night concert

me and chooi si

Chooi Si again

smiles =)

Shaun the sheep lol

the Lame group =)

and i decided to join them lol
why ain't i in this pic lol

i should be in the middle

chooi si and I and the sunset
the em cee'z

bon bon and ...i donno the other girl lol

the hall

and well bus company came

so we dengar lagu lagu nya lol

darren ashlie

anyways after bus company it wuz the night concert

so leading the night concert wuz david and erica

P&W session
song leaders
othniel the gay =X lol

and after P&W session there wuz a couple from USA
that came to share their testimony =)

and after they have shared...
went on to Pastor Andy's sermon =)

Pastor Andy

the sermon wuz good =)

and plenty of salvations and comebacks =)

after the sermon they introduced the comittee

the peeps that worked hard for dis to happen

the comittee

the rest are mostly camwhore pics =)

me and jen=)

Quan Wei the ex multi million dollar face person lol

Alfred my church song leader
me and xiao fern the wind
i have no idea where she is looking
my tai kor Joshua =)
and we had our supper at Kayu after the rally

till da next post