Trip to KL

anyways since it wuz labour day
there are no classes or what soever =D
and some of my classmates and I went to KL
so we met up at college cos we're gonna take KTM and Monorail today
and the KTM wuz so bloody full that we had to wait for the next one
so this is how it ended lol
Andrew & Chung
Celestine & Yen Wei
the guys again

okays so anyway went to KL central and then took a Monorail to Bintang Walk
we walked walked walked and decided to eat la
and for the 1st time in my life
i found out that Sungai Wang had a 7th floor hahaha =)
so we went to Gasoline to eat
it wuz kinda like a haunted house theme there la

err some picture behind us?
some hantu beside us? lol
anyways so we ended up Eating and playing stupid card games there lol
played Big Two and won 2 games out of 3 haha =)
and played Smack Jack..which i won both games haha
in the end our hands all red cos of the Smack Jack lol

Yen Wei

Chung and Andrew

Geralyn and Me

Lisa & Yen Wei
Me and Celestine
four of us
calculating the bill

so anyways after lunch we went off to Times Square
walked walked walked like nuts..
went arcade and so on...
and we ended up at the food court =)
and then...we became like 1 whole family =.= lol

Dad: Me =.=
Mom: Geralyn
Sam go: Chin Chung
Sai Lou: Andrew
Tai Ka Jie: Lisa
Yi Ka Jie: Yen Wei
Sei Mui: Celestine

=.= lol =.=
Our Kids
Mummy and Daddy lol =S
Tai Ka Jie

Sie Mui & Yi Ka Jie
Sai Lou
haha Tai Ka Jie Angry hahahahaLisa
Sam Go
Yi Ka Jie & Lou Po
Sei Mui & Mum
Lao Gong
Family Portrait!
lol hahaha!~!!
and another one in the lift =)
anyways after that we went back
lol it wuz so packed so it wuz kinda squishy
anyways it wuz a fun day =)