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What was I doing 10 years ago (1998)?
- took my grade 3 piano
- play ice and water at the park
- watched mystic knights..lol
- cycling?
- playing tamiya cars
5 things on my to-do list today
-went to sungai wang and times square with classmates
- celebrated mom's and sis b'day
- blog a new thing?
- get medicine as i'm sick
- get ready for college tomoro
5 Snacks I enjoy
- cheesels
- onigiri
- twisties
- love letters
- oreos
5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
- get a mansion and have parties everyweek
- get a fleet of ferarri's
- get a crystal grand piano *loves*
- sponsor my smaller sisters education? lol
- must as well i buy over the shopping malls over here for investments =)
5 of my bad habits
- camwhore everywhere i go
- forget to switch off the lights
- lazy to wash dishes
- always want female attention
- act like hard gay ( type it in youtube if u dont know whats it )
5 place i have lived
- my house at ss 17
- my e tiara condo
- err sean's house?
- ed vinns house?
- hotels?
5 jobs I've had
- Pianist at Westin Hotel
- Salesman at Pennylane Sdn Bhd
- Waiter at Tai Thong Imperial China
- Cashier at Parkson
- Cheerleader =)
(its a job too~~ haha)
5 people I tag:
Kooi Chin
Khit Yeng
Mon Wei
Sean Chua