Sweet Sweet 18 =)

My typical Saturday
travel to SMK Sinar Bintang for coaching in the morning
*Jeremy ffk again*
anyways so their training went well
and suddenly when the training wuz nearly over..
they surprised me...
with a CAKE !!
man this is like the 2nd surprise birthday this year...
it wuz Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe

Me and Rachel
cutting the cake
the team
they gave me a veri big slice
man i'm getting fat =X
makan makan
The team excluding Rachel da capt

anyways today i didn't drive to hartamas
so kooi chin wuz such a darlin to send me =)
she sent me to 1 utama since she wuz going there
so i followed her...so far her driving wuz okay =)
the only thing is her parking..
*no comments*
so we went to 1 utama and she met up with vivien
and they bought their tix to genting for monday
i departed from them and walked to ikano power centre
i went to Euphony
cos i wanted to buy sum stuff
i bought a violin bow...costed RM100..
and new violin strings which were RM20..
the women at there wuz like...
why not u buy the better strings?
ur grade also high ma
lol the better strings were like RM160...RM350
mana saya ada cukup untuk itu?
anyways after that i tested their piano's
the only one that wuz considerably good wuz the yamaha
the kawai and the other white piano there wuzn't as good as the one in my home
eventhough the piano is not seasoned...
i can always tell how good the piano will be once its seasoned =)
after that Dad fetched me and we went back home

the family started with the other preparations
as there wuz gonna be a makan at nite =)
so cleaning up...putting the chairs and so on
it soon came to pukul 6.45
i had to fetch a few friends as some wont have transport since they're not local
ChiaChia and Steven
Chia Chia, Steven, Adeline, Chung
this is the good part about a family car =)
as we reached my house
no one came yet
so went up to my room to crash
Adeline, Lisa, Geralyn
Me and Lou Po
Lisa and Geralyn
They got wacky with my kendo stick
Chung the camwhorer
Adeline =S lol
i have no idea whats he trying to do
soon the rest came
and we started to eat =)
peeps from smk ss 17
Steven =.= lol
Lisa and Chung
Me and Adeline on the
Stairway to heaven
LOL! =.= i'm getting so lame
well soon after that it came to cutting cake
this is 4th cake this year lol =S
Family Recipe Chocolate cake =)
the cake
lighting of candles
*sings song*

My family =)
My wife Geralyn my college family
MIA: Andrew, Celestine, Yen Wei, Jay, Ee Hva
College friends + Steven and Adeline
peeps from SMK SS 17
lol i'm surrounded by Man U fans
excluding boon
Chelsea chelsea! lol =P
*toss toss*
Audrey, Christina, Me
eating cake time
Me and Adeline
Chun has a foot fettish
Chia Chia and Jianjian
lol Steven is a spoiler haha*no idea what they're doing* Adeline =)
Geralyn =)
*carried away by a moonlight shadow*
John Dribbling lol
Sean stretchin lol

Wai Chun started painting Geralyn's nails
guess who? haha
and the guys started playing bloody roar 4
and they ended up making their own bloody roar lol!!
Shen Long wins! lol
my Daughter Lisa
Eunice =)
Sean made me a gay song =.= thats what happened lol
Wai Chun's new friend
a picture worth a thousand words
Me, Chun, Adeline
then they started playing Winning eleven
the noise wuz much louder compared to what u heard at AC
screams and so on lol
a hidden S
Wai Chun's foot fettish
my birthday presents =)
and the day ends as everyone goes home =)