Short Crust Pastry

Well this is yesterday
which was my pastry day =)
i partnered with Chia Chia and Eunice
and we made short crust pastry and sweet dough pastry =)
tools used for the day :

knives and peelers
cutting the butter
butter + sugar
add the egg
mash it up...and it becomes dough =)Chungs obscene mind =)
free silicons babe =)
a sharp **** lol
Joshua's creation

the dough was placed in a mould...
flattened and then put in the oven to bake =)
anyway after that we had to do the topping
which wuz apple filling or custard..
so i did apple filling
and i'm a master at knives =)
how to skin an apple:
peel without breaking the skin
can you? =)

SAM =) hehe
JJ for Jianjian =) hehe
boil the sliced apples with sugar
the end product
*as she walks away from me*
so this is my short crust pastry
its kinda a fruity one =)
and also i had my initials for dis too =)
S for SAMUEL =)
the pastry after being sliced
the killer chef =)