Random yet funny

alrite there are some pics that i didn't have in my past posts
this is in the kitchen
me and chia chia
lol i love wearing my hat like that haha =)
My wife and I at the library
and this is the managers of tomoro =D lol
Celestine, Mervynn, Jay, Me, Yen Wei
okok so back to the real thing
today we had lunch at Santa Inez
as our friends were serving so we get to eat fine dining for free =D
but it started so late...and we all had to rush
aint fun T.T
anyway our server wuz dam funny as he couldn't speak english properly lol
we had
prawn cocktail
and some kinda cream puff
the prawn cocktail wuz fab...
my chicken wuzn't done properly..
could still taste a bit of blood as i digged deeper
and i didn't taste the cream puff as i was in a rush for class
surprisingly Mr Boey took attendence today
anyways i got totally distracted in class today
and this is what i did to my daughter Celestine

now ain't i a good father? xD

even when mom's not around i'll do up her hair =D

haha thats what i did during class

okays anyway so after class

we headed off to pyramid as a family =D

except Celine didn't join us today

so..it was..

Me, Geralyn, Chung, Lisa, Yen Wei, Andrew, Celestine

haha now theres when i find my Avanza usefull

a family car! lol

anyways i headed to buy my tie's...

as i didn't have a tie to match some of my shirts

i picked 2 as it wuz 2 for RM50 at my tie shop

and then...

My darlings Geralyn, Yen Wei and Celestine paid for me

it is my 1st birthday present!! lol

eventhough my b'day is so long more...

22nd may!! remember it peeps! hahaha

hehe but i totally love u my 3 darlings =)

muahx muahx muahx!!

the 2 necktie's

anyways we went on shopping

i bought a sticker for my car

which says

"happy family in the car"

lol it serves its purpose with my own family and my college family =D lol

and of course i bought J Co not long after that =)

anyway the main thing i supposed to buy is a centre piece

need it for Mr Alex class tomoro

so i bought something from S&J =)

as i was in S&J with Geralyn...the kids went off to jalan

and we met up near popular not long after that

jeng jeng jeng

their surprise for us is...

they bought Geralyn a mothers day card!!!!

since she's the mom lol =D

and its no Ordinary Card..its the super huge wan in Memory Lane

we both were like super shocked! lol

hrmm i wonder my Daddys day card will be like lol!!the cover
the front page
and the inside

aww i'm so touched by ur love towards your mother! xD

okay i'm a bit nutty haha

Me and Geralyn

with the kids lol
Lou po
Lou po again
our family photo

and the 2nd family photo

Celestine, Lisa, Yen Wei, Geralyn
Lou po and Lao Gong
with the sons lol
anyways the day ended about 6 +
sent mom and the kids back
and now i'm home


Jessica Lee said…
My God....so shweet wei...tho shes not like a real mother...and that card cost quite a lot rt?20+?Hmm...lol....u wait la for your fathers day gift..haha
天使 said…
can i join ur family:p