my 5th birthday celebration =/

Ms Charmaine's Class wuz cancelled today
she got stuck in a traffic jam...
alrite so practically our class ony started at 10,,
wasted like 2 hours..
i could have slept longer! omg lol
in the mean time...
Group pictureStanding Tall =)
alrite so anyways...
MR BOEY'S class wuz next..
and it wuz so boring..
eventually i do what i do best =)

Reminds me of my highschool days...

anyways notes are good enuf its okay to sleep haha

today i spent most of my time in the library finishing up some projects

argh...okay i shall blog about yesterday....its more fun haha

okok so yesterday (Monday)


Mr Weng's obsession

alrite continuing..

Mr Weng, Tieng Wei and Sherry brought me out for Dinner

*supposely its for my b'day*

and i still remained a Virgin =)


Sherry wanted to but in the end we didn't =)

lucky lucky virginity is safe =D

anyways so we went to Zen for dinner

Zen Japanese Restaurant

Tadaaa... =)

The Menu Cover

Hot Towels

Samuel, Sherry, Tieng Wei, Mr. Weng


Tieng Wei's Tempura
My unagi
Sherry's salmon
Weng's Teppenyaki chicken
we fed him wasabi lol =S

Sherrymint =)
my miniture cake =)
*i wish upon the stars*
another group photo =)
i have no idea what faces are we supposed to do

anyways so after Zen's we went walking around

My darling Tieng Wei
Sherry babbee
the 2 batangs
the 2 babes
and we ended up at J.Co
Sherrys obsession
she can't live without em lol
so we bought a box of 6
The Poser
another poser
Tieng Wei =)
and she looks up
to the lights haha...
did u realize the lights at J.Co are coffee mugs?
lol =)
anyways so after that we departed from pyramid
and Sherry wuz able to sleep over at TW's place cos she had no class on tues
*Jealousy fills me*
anyways i had a great time that nite
till da next post