Mom Returns!

as some of u might know
my mom went to Germany =D
and she finally returned today =)
and the part i love best is..
there are many things that will be brought back! lol

another sign board to my door =D
it means " Beware, u are leaving West-Berlin now "
lol u know there is 2 parts separated by the wall

and there is a piece of the wall in the card haha =)

and i've got burberry!!
haha its so cute! lol =)
Key chains =) a small coke can =D
their coke bottle is sexier lol
and to the chocolates
this is just some random chocs la
theres more =D lol

lol see the size of that?

its a whole bar inside...not the ones that are broken down to small pieces

creme eggs =D
Double Decker
Turkish Delight
-i love dis veri much xD-

and the bears...
lol there are plenty of bears in my house lol

This is from Britain Airlines
that concludes this post


天使 said…
i love tat too!!!

too bad u cant read chinese:p
then i can write something bad about u~~
Swee said… thighs you have there...haha, purposely wan to show it off in the picture...using chocolates and what not to model it off...good
Samuel C said…
haha i really didn't mean to show it lol...but for whats worth...its SEXY lol legs and hands no hair wan =) lol
Swee said…
WHAHAHAHA, yeah i'm sure you didn't mean to show it off...that's what they allllwayyyysssss sayyyyyyy...=P