the last day before i turn 18

well today is the last day that i would be 17
but its a normal life as its just college and home =S
so anyways went to college at 7.30 eventhough my class ony would start at 1
had my breakfast and then headed to the library =)
well supposed to discuss sum projects today

Setting up my equipment

i'm Ready! lol

Chia Chia camwhores lol

anyways it wuz kinda a

then internet wuz rather slow...couldn't get what i needed

and my microsoft front page kaboomed...

so didn't go far with the project...

anyway i learned other things today

such as...

braiding hair =)

well this is kinda like the corn rows kind

and its my 1st try =) lol

Celestine lets me play with her hair =D hehe

end product =)

not bad for 1st time leh? lol =)

anyways headed for lunch and then went for geo

as you can see...

lol at times ony la

Boredom sinks in =X
some things in my pockets
Andrew's blur face

haha anyways this is how i spend my last day before i'm 18

i'm getting old T.T