Kelvins Car

to my surprise
Kelvin called me out to show me his car
i tot he would drive his vios...
ended up...he was driving...

Honda Accord Euro Type R =D
there are only 3 in Malaysia =D
and his father got one of it lol
Awesome? wheee
17 inch rims
part of his RM20k sound system
the leather trimmed momo steeringrecaro seats the interior beneath the bonnet
the 2.2 litre 220bhp engine
the speedometer...
dont be this car goes way faster than that
and i'm so in love with this
7 gears =D
anyways we went for a spin from here to Hartamas
reached 170kmph just on gear 4
imagine gear 6? =)
well we ony went to about 200kmph ++ only
and overtook a police car lawl!!
met up with Jeremy and Joanna at uncle don's at hartamas
and went for another ride lol =)
anyways soon after that we returned to subang
he let me drive that car!! whee =D
omg the feeling is dam nice wei..
but well i ain't driving it i wont wanna pay for damage lol =)
i'm so in love with the car now..

i loved the feeling =D
and he drives away

man this really made my night lol =)



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wow... that's cool!!
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