Happy Birthday Nicole =)

Well its finally reached 21st May 2008
and its Darlin Mei Mei Nicole's birthday =)
she's finally 16!!
Sweet 16...actually nothing much sweet about it in Malaysia lol
-Guys if u break her heart i'll break everything of you-
anyways so i spent the last few hours before she became 16
so anyways we went for a movie at Pyramid..
and watched Vegas..
starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz
it wuz hillarious...
I Recommend it =)
anyways so after the movie...
wanted to get something to eat...hrmm
i thought of Beans Dessert Kitchen..
as the Mango Sago's there are awesome
but then..disappointment striked..
it wuz closed =X
so anyways drove around here and there...
i was thinkin starbucks..
but then she wanted Mcflurry haha
so we went over to Drive through at 15..
and bought 2 Mcflurrys
my Mcflurry emo at me...the cover kept on coming off lol
anyway we chilled and chatted...
My dashboard =S
Me and Darlin Nicole...
omg the flash is dam bright

Now its too dark...

ah wateva la...camwhore next time lol

anyways so sent her back nearly 12..

and i went back home



suddenly i half way driving in the stupid gate closed

hit my car...

but lucky theres no dents..

omg everything emo at me today! hmph...lol

an emo night =S



emo indeed...even the shops were emo at u...no mango sagu lor...