Bread Factory Trip

My normal sat would be... and back home...

anyway today i didn't coach...

coz i had a college trip to the bread factory

so we gathered up at college about 9

only some ppl are able to go for dis trip

so anyway lets start up with some pics
PICTURE OF THE DAY:Taylor's Next Top Model :)

Geralyn, Fion, Celine
me and Celestail =) hehe
Fion looks horny XD

and after that we boarded the bus

Me and my daughter Lisa

Fion and Geralyn

Andrew and Jay

Jasmine and Sing Jier

so we reached the high 5 bread factory

its situated at shah alam industrail centre there

the main entrance

the cafe

inside the cafe
the walls

me and my other daughter Yen Wei
are we the same? xD haha
family pic
i'm naughty xD
he is horny lol

anyways we entered the factory

and there were some display things there la

one of them is:

a statue thingi

it seems like its calling for Gods help lol

me and lou po
inside the hall family again

well they said no taking pics in the factory

but well i can't stop taking pics lol =P

so anyway here are some parts of the factory

well i dont know most of the names for dis machines lol

Theres plenty of bread inside there

packaging area

more machines

dough produced


anyways so after the whole tour

we went out and we camwhored more =)

we're copying the image lol
Celine, Geralyn, Fion
lol we're stuck
Chung and Yen Wei

fake bread lol =) *munch munch*
i can cupie!!! lol
us with our lecturer Mr Tay Boon

he swallows! lol
chung looks so...girly lol
breads of the world look up at the stars
Michelle and Me

me and jasmine

my beloved Chung, Celine, Geralyn and Jay
my darlings
another family pic lol
me and baby Celine
and i got wild

i start.....
climbing the pyramids lol
the whole group
i look dam evil in dis pic..i donno why

us with our goodie bags
us with Mr Tay Boon

they got obsessed

i'm not in dis pic because....i wanted it all for myself!! lol
Taylors Models

giving my speech
andrew see...andrew do lol
makan time at the cafe
me and Jasmine

me and yen wei
me and sing jier
me and Jasmine again

bus trip back
my daughters
my another daughter lol
me and lisa
my wife
my bro and daughter
Singjier, Jasmine, me
me and loo =) he is really shy though lol
anyways as we came back we went up to 7th floor for pool
and i ended up taking nutty foos pics
haha 5 ball aerial =)
till da next post


肥肥公主 said…
fun trip ya! Taylor top model??? wondering)