blurred =S housekeeping class haha

alrite to start up the day
this is the 1st pic...
Andrew the .....lolJay
and i DO study!!! =)
exams like nuts now =S
anyways today at front office class..
found a new obsession..
blur pictures! =)
this is Jessica
i'm trying to figure out who is this also =X
Chia Chia and Eunice
Norman, Joshua, Mervynn
okay okay back to the normal pics =)
JJ and CC
Chia Chia and Eunice
Chia, Yen Wei, Celestine
Me and Mui mui Celine
Chia and the gang
and there is a celebrity lol..
*so we thought*
her name is Serene
Jay started taking the 1st pic
then Andrew
then Me lol =)
how can i stop camwhoring? xD

anyways after front office class
we went for House Keeping class
the group outside stoning =S
free massages from Ee Hva
Mervynn with the four arms?

sleeping beauties lol
and this is my lecturer miss Zulida
she is super fun xD

the best part..
after class...we started playing around with the stuff
and started...a new war...
that is...

haha dont worry the equipments are clean =) lol
Evon, Statue, Statue wanabee lol
Joshy's new best friend lol
and that concludes this post