Wai Chun's b'day

yesterday which was the 4th of april...is Wai Chun's b'day
i also wanna wish a belated b'day to Phaik Teng, Phaik Wei, and Lee Wen =)
so anyways we celebrated his b'day at Yuen Steam boat =)
had a great dinner
and me and boon were like the chicken grabbers lol
we're too pro adi at this so our table gets a lot of their famous fried chicken hehe
anyways after dinner
we went over to chuns house to crash and enjoy the remaining last bits of that day
well wei wen wanted to watch step up 2...
so we decided to watch it =.=
its my 7th time watching this show omg

step up 2 =.=
the viewers
wai chun and his chivas
john and the vodka
bartender =S
wei wen's stoned =S
the happy couple =)
lame queen
and finally he got drunk...hahaa
after the movie we then started to get the cake ready
and its a baskin robbins ice cream cake =)
he wishes for...errr...lol u know la
b'day boy
and he blows =S
he tries to cut with a plastic knife
half way
tries harder..=.=
uses a kitchen knife...
and finally uses a butcher knife lol!!!
tat is how hard the cake is lol =S
and they helped after that xD
me and the chris-es
socks, me, wen =)
timmy =.= lol
chris needs to be spoon fed
...cutting cake?
lol ah long pte! xDxD and they eat more cake
wai chun and his drinks
psp attracts ppl together xD
anyway after that sum left...and some stayed on
we watched kung fu dunk after that lol
me and chun
me and christina
he slept on me durin the movie.
christina and christopher
drunk ass =S
john anti jay chou lol
me and chun
me and christopher
christopher again
tina xD
tze hsien
the last pic for the day

well went back about 2.30 am lo
and thats wai chun's b'day =)