Typhoid injection

an injection that will prevent hand food and mouth disease...
or wateva its called la
anyways so all the students in hospitality and culinary hav to take it
its compulsory
anyways so about 300-400 of us were at the multi purpose hall
the ques were supper long
it took 2 hours until i got my shot..
in the mean time..of course if i have a camera
this is what happens lol
Andrew's blur face xD
Chin Chung

using glass to cam whore
me and eunice =)
Eunice, Andrew, Me
my tai ka jie..Ee Hva my team mate for culinary
chia chia and jianjian =) my baking partner
the hall
billy's stoning
melisa and beatrice...haha they got their shot earlier than me
another shot
as the que shortens
Chin Chung and June
Jay's reaction of the jab
Evon =D
*as they walk away*
and she Tongues me hahaha
Chin Chung getting a jab
this is the best part
as he was like asking the nurse...
CC: sakit kah sakit kah?
Nurse:tak sakit punya la...
CC: okay ...tak sakit tak sakit...tak akan sakit punya la (he kept on repeating it)
then suddenly he shouted dam loud
everyone started laughin like hell there
well anyway after the jab...we decided to go back
but i was still waiting for chun
so i met Huey Li and Wei Ling at the entrance there
and we talked and talked =)
me and Huey Li
Wei Ling and me
well soon after that they also had to go back
so i decided to go to the Architecture studio to find Wai Chun
well they're burning the midnight oil as they havn't completed their project due tomoro
Wai Chun
Work work...
The seniors with their condo
and i camwhored again
and vivien came in =)
hehe this pic u dam blur la =) hehe
and there was a bed
a chair i made lol
dining room
and the rest of the parts
soon after that Chun's mom came
and we went back home
donno what will happen to the project though =) hehe
nows time to sleep =)