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5 Things found in my bag:
Foosball Grip
Lap Top
Pencil Box
My file with loads of crap inside
5 Things in my wallet:
Hannah Tan's name Card
Driving License
5 favourite things in my room:
Lap Top
Digital Camera
Sparkling Juice
Lava Lamp
Love letters
5 things I always wanted to do:
Bungee Jump
Drive a Ferarri and crash it
take photos wif more celebrities( the ones i have is not enuf xD )
Visit more countries (sadly to say i ony went to singapore and maldives T.T)
run around naked in the streets =)
5 things I'm currently into:
Eatting and getting fat
watchin anime's again
pool-ing haha
List out the top 4 presents you wish for:
a new Car
a new hand phone
an i touch
a white/crystal grand piano
The person who tagged you is:
Your 5 impressions of him/her:
short =D
sushi eater
freaks out sometimes
Most memorable thing she has done to you:*
emo at me at 1 utama haha =)
If he/she becomes your lover, you will still:
lol i have no idea
If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
no idea too =P hahaa
Pass the quiz to 5 people:
Kooi Chin
Sean Chua
Audrey Chew
Tek Yit
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