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First Name - Samuel
Nickname - Sam, Seraph
Name you wish you had - err my name is perfect...
Birthday - 22 May 1990
Birthplace - SJMC
Time of Birth - no idea
Single or taken - taken
Zodiac sign - gemini
Your Appearence
How tall are you - 5 foot 7
Wish you were taller - yes yes! lol
Eye color - black/dark brown? i have no idea =.=
Eye color you want - blue
Natural Hair color - dark brown
Current Hair color - a slight highlight of blonde at my fringe
Short or long hair - long fringe short behind
What color hair - no idea
Shy or Outgoing - outgoing
Looks or personality - personality 1st...then looks.
Sexy or Cute - sexay! thats so me
Serious or Fun - fun
Older or Younger than you - younger duhz..
turn on - donno =S
A turn off - bad dressing senses...
Flowers or Chocolates - Chocolates...cos i am a chocoholic
Pepsi or Coke - coke.
Rap or Rock - slow lounge music hahah!!!
Relationship or One night stand - relationship...can't get a one night stand in malaysia lol
School or Work - work
Love or Money - both
Movies or Music - music
Country or City - City
Sunny or Rainy days - both
Friends or Family - Family then friends
Have you ever-
Lied - only Jesus didn't lie
Stole something - err yea? lol
Smoked - tried...not enjoyable
Hurt someone close to you - yea...
Broke someone's heart - yea...
Had your heart broken - YES LA how many questions must be about hurting and breaking
Wondered what was wrong with you - seldom
Wish you were a prince/princess - erm no...too much publicity lol
Liked someone who was taken - not sure lol...cant recall
Shaved your head - no way...my hair is my treasure
Been in love - lol i wonder...haha
Used chopsticks - yea
Sang in the mirror to yourself - nope
Flower - morning glory
Candy - no idea =.=
Song - look me in the eyes - jonas brothers
Scent - seducing ones
Color - baby blue
Movie - as long not too boring...romance and comedy is a must
Word - chilling =.=
Junk food - cheesels
Website - friendster lol =S
Location - err donno
Animal - chinchilla
Ever cried over someone - i can't remember but i think yes lol
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - wanna be richer =)
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - fairytale! lol
Do you play any sports - Cheerleading, basketball, hockey skating, aiya..1 whole list

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1. i want a car
2. i am wild most of the time
3. i love Charice Pempengco
4. i am gonna have my pastry class tomoro
5. i miss baby
6. i love ramli burgers
7. i wear hush puppy underwears
8. i'm going planet shakers this sunday

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