Todays Class was cancelled...
Mr Boey (the geography lecturer)..donno why la cancel class...
but got replacements though...
anyway so some of us decided to go pyramid to chill
well its been some time since i've been here..(i think)
anyway we watched the forbidden kingdom
haha i think it was okay la =)
Jet Li is the monkey king...wakakkaka
anyway overall i give the movie a 5 or 6 out of 10 la
anyways after the movie..
went to radio active as they wanted to buy some Pink stuff
cos orientation dinner's theme is PINK lol
camwhorer in changing room =)
anyways i finally bought JCO donuts today
its like dam long since i bought it haha
the cravings for it has intensified =)
and after buying it went to Starbucks for a drink
there was a new drink
Dulce D leche Frap
its so LECEH lol cos i didn't understand what that drink meant
but i stiill bought it =D
and its okok la =)
checking pictures =S
indulging in my donuts
Big to small
suck suck suck =)
after that i we met up with Apple and Celine
and went to donno what restaurant is that lol...
forgot the damn name lol

The Table

i'm stoning
Melaka Guy(sry ur name slipped of my mind), Huey Li
drink! lol
anyway i bought new things also
1st thing u can notice =)

i bought a lap top skin =)hahaha
and bought a new pen drive =)

well that is my day xD